Mini S.

I am extremely happy and grateful to you for helping me prepare and successfully pass the Neuro-NIC exam. I gave my exam on 10/31/21 and got my result just this morning.The materials, videos and all suggestions you provided were really helpful. Thanks for paving a path so that people can study and understand the complicated brain in a simple manner.


"Thank you for such an amazing review course for the C-NNIC certification. I recently received my exam results and I passed on my first try and scored in the "strong" category for each section of the exam. I solely relied on your course and a few sections from a comprehensive neonatal textbook, but your course was the most helpful! Thank you again :)"

Lori Brault

"Took the C-NNIC a couple weeks back after viewing the content you offer & scored very strong in all cats Oct 8! Super review Kathi! Tomorrow I’ll take the RNC-NIC & work my way down the NCC list!"

Kristol Veach, RNC-NIC, C-NNIC

"When I first heard about the Neuro NICU certification, I was so excited to take the test. However, I was nervous because there weren't any study guides out for this test. When I heard Synapse was offering a study group for this exam, I joined right away. I learned so much and because of the study group, I passed! I am now certified in neuro NICU. Thanks so much."

Charlamaine Parkinson, CMP RNC-NIC, BSN, MS

"The study group was a great review if things that were covered by the exam. It guided what I needed to study more in depth. If a topic was presented that I felt I needed More on I used the recommended reading to fill in any gaps. I would recommend the course to anyone preparing to take the exam."

Jean Powlesland, MS, RNC-NIC,

"I found the course and materials very helpful. I only had one month to study for the exam and I relied heavily on the course syllabus and notes in order to be most efficient with my time. This was sufficient for me to pass the test."

Anne Shields, RNC-NIC

"It has been a long time since I had to study. I actually had no idea how to study anymore,especially since there were not any practice tests at that time. Kathi's course was wonderful and helping me prepare my thoughts. I would listen to her classes on my commute. The video links she gave were so helpful to explain concepts that I haven't thought about since my University days. The guest lecturers were easy to understand. Even if I never took the exam, everything I learned made me a better nurse...and a more compassionate person. I don't think I ever would have had a chance to pass this test without Kathi's help. "

Amanda Williams, MSN, RNC-NIC

"The course was an excellent review of NeuroNICU. It helped me expand my knowledge of newborn neuro care."

Diane Vande Pol, RN, MSN, CNS, RNC-NIC

"I attended the majority of the live lectures (even if it meant getting up early [I'm Pacific time] on Saturdays). The lecturers were all highest caliber with invaluable information. I relied heavily on all the NCC Study Group materials. I did purchase most of the recommended books - they are excellent!!! I took my exam on November 17, 2019, and at this time of taking this survey on April 14, 2020, I do not know my results. NCC has told me that they still need more people to complete the test to statistically validate the test questions. I believe I passed, as out of the =/- 120 questions, there was only a handful that I really struggled with and after looking up most of them, I know I missed. So, I may be overly optimistic in my belief that I got a passing score, but have all fingers and toes crossed. Bottom line is that I felt well prepared for this exam by my participation in the Synapse Care NCC NeuroNICU Exam Study Group!"