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✔︎ Community Membership - Reg. $199 

✔︎ Small Baby Course - Reg. $399 

✔︎ 2021 ONE Conference - Reg. $399


These courses are pending approval by the California Board of Registered Nurses, Provider Number 15417.

*Due to the digital nature of this course, there are no refunds.

Our membership program is back

and for 2021 we've made it even easier for you to join.

Our monthly community education program was such a success in 2020 that we've brought it back for 2021, but we've simplified it for you (and for us).

Now for just a one-time payment you can get access to all the live, and recorded, sessions of our monthly community education calls (aka webinars) and our bi-weekly Brain-Storm sessions.

 Best of all you will have life-time access to the recordings so that you can review them as many times as you like.

Brand New Course for 2021

Small Baby's deserve Neuro-Nurturing Care too

Small Baby Units and NeuroNICU's are among the hottest trends that the NICU has seen during the last decade.

Synapse Care is taking the 4 Pillars of Neuro-Nurturing Care and applying them to the small baby population.  In this course, we are combining NeuroNICU principles with Small Baby Unit protocols to create a unique course that will focus on everyday, simple practices that have the greatest impact on the developing premature brain.  

We are all dedicated to preventing the most common morbidities seen in the small baby population, like NEC, ROP, BPD, IVH, and many other three-letter words, but we don't usually take the time to focus on the neurological implications that these insults have on the premature brain.

In this course, we will give you practical tools to assess, implement, evaluate and sustain your Small Baby Program and you will join a community of like-minded nurses, therapists, and physicians who will be sharing their knowledge, their protocols, their QI tools, and their passion with you too.

This new course will take place over a 3 month time period, meeting every other month starting in February 2021!

Of course we are having a ONE Conference in 2021,

and we'll be live-streaming it to you!!

The planning committee is hard at work lining up a variety of speakers for you from around the globe.  We are excited to bring back many of your favorite speakers from past ONE Conferences and to bring you a few new ones too.

Even though we can't be together this year in person, we are still a powerful ONE Community.  

You have had to do so much this last year, and we can't wait to support, inspire, and reignite your passion.

There are many details still being worked out but we know how tired you are of long Zoom meetings, so we are planning to break up this year's conference into several mini-sessions over a two-week period.

We will have two general session weekend events, and several, small group, interactive breakout sessions in between.   

You can attend everything live or catch the recordings on-demand.  

You will also have lifetime access to the recordings and can revisit your favorite talks time and time again.

There will be more details coming soon, and I'll be keeping in touch with you along the way.

Two Payment Option

Split your payment, pay $300 the first month and another $300 the second month

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