Every NICU is a NeuroNICU

Every NICU is a NeuroNICU

An evidence based approach to practicing neuro-nurturing care in your NICU. | taught by Kathi Salley-Randall

Course description

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This course has been approved for 5 hours of continuing education credit by CA BRN Provider #15417.

The number of neuro-focused neonatal intensive care units (NeuroNICUs) is expanding globally. NeuroNICUs strive to integrate the latest in technology and research into practices that nurture vulnerable, developing brains. This online course is focused on transforming every NICU into a neuro-nurturing NICU. Participants will gain knowledge, inspiration, and a practical plan to reinvent bedside practices that can improve outcomes for all NICU infants and families.

At the end of this 6 hour online course, you will be able to:

1.    Describe the trend of NeuroNICUs in the US.
2.    Outline the four pillars of Neuro-NICU care.
3.    List three neuroprotective bedside practices
4.    Discuss the options for neuromonitoring at the bedside and two populations that could benefit from.
5.    Describe one inter-disciplinary partnership that needs to be strengthened in your NICU.
6.    Create an implementation plan for one care practice that can improve neuro-developmental outcomes for infants or emotional health for parents.

This course has been approved for 5 contact hours of nursing continuing education by gRN NICU Consulting, Inc - CA BRN CEP #15417

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Kathi Salley-Randall
Kathi Salley-Randall

Kathi Randall has had an interest is the sub-specialty of neonatal neurology since her days as a bedside nurse. She has been an educator on fetal/ neonatal brain development, neuro-protective care, and neuro-monitoring and assessment for the last 15 years. Her passion for this topic has taken her around the globe as an invited speaker and guest at a number of universities and conferences.