Developmental Care Book Club w/ Kathi Randall

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Welcome to the Online Developmental Care Book Club (DCBC)

Enroll now in this 12 month program that will walk you step by step through the NANN textbook of Developmental Care of Newborns & Infants.

I created the first DCBC in 2012 while working as the CNS in a Level 3 NICU and have replicated it several times now at other institutions.  I thought it was time to bring the opportunity online for others to enjoy.

Each month we will tackle at least one new topic related to developmental care of newborns and infants.   I will share relevant webinars and videos that complement the monthly focus. 

The cost for you to participate is free.  Although, like any other book club, you will need to purchase, borrow, or share the textbook.

For those who want nursing CE credit for their participation, there will be a small administrative fee. 

I hope you will join me each month for the 2018 Online DCBC!


Kathi Salley-Randall

Kathi Salley-Randall


Kathi Randall has had an interest is the sub-specialty of neonatal neurology since her days as a bedside nurse. She has been an educator on fetal/ neonatal brain development, neuro-protective care, and neuro-monitoring and assessment for the last 15 years. Her passion for this topic has taken her around the globe as an invited speaker and guest at a number of universities and conferences.

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